Signs your electrical wiring is bad!

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Signs your electrical wiring is bad! DANGER!!!

Did you know that the third leading cause of house fires in the U.S. is electrical failures or malfunctions? According to the Nation Fire Prevention Association faulty outlets, bad wiring, and breaker boxes are the source of a huge portion of these fires.

That is a harsh statistic for house fires and can be lowered if homeowners were more aware of the signs of outdated electrical systems.

Let us learn about the signs of bad wiring in your house before we go into more detail about the warning signs.

• Flickering lights, buzzing, or dimming lights.

• Circuit breaker tripping often

• Loose outlets

• Burning smells

• Finding damaged wiring

• Discolored switch or outlet covers

• Owning an older home.

  1. Flicking lights

We all know that if there is severe weather outside, such as a thunderstorm, or if it is windy, it might be normal for your lights to flicker on and off. However, if your lights begin to flicker or dim on a regular day, your home’s electrical wiring may need to be upgraded. If the flickering is contained to one light fixture it might be the wiring to the fixture, if it is affecting multiple lights or rooms then it could be that your wiring is outdated and cannot keep up with the increased energy demands in your home.

  • Circuit breaker

It is not common to have your circuit breaker tripping on occasion. If you have too many items plugged in at once, or you are trying to run big appliances at one time. However, if you have to make trips frequently to your circuit breaker you should be concerned. Electrical panels are meant to last 25 to 40 years, and outdated panels cannot keep up with the electrical demands our homes have today. When you have severely damaged electrical wires, your circuit breaker trips every time you turn on a big appliance, like stoves, space heaters, or air fryers. It is smart to have your circuit breaker looked at and to keep up with the maintenance to ensure your safety and the safety of your home.

3. Loose outlets

Are the outlets in your home loose? Suppose you plug a cord into your outlet, and you notice it is not tight and feels like the insides of the outlets are moving around. In that case, it is time to get a professional out there to take a look at it and get it squared away, when you have a loose outlet, the wires can shake free and that can lead to shorts, sparks, and the inevitable house fire.

  • Burning smell

If you ever have a burning smell in your home, it is an immediate warning sign that should not be ignored. If your wiring becomes hot enough to melt the plastic sheathing you are at imminent risk of a house fire. This is the immediate reason to call a professional out to your home and have your electrical inspected to get the problem fixed.

  • Finding damaged

wiring If you are to find damaged wires in your home, it should never be ignored. This is a shock hazard as well as a dangerous fire hazard, contact a professional immediately.

  • Discolored switches or outlets

If you see a burn or char on any outlets or switches it is time to turn off your power to that area immediately and call a professional.

  • Owning an older home

Back in the sixties and seventies, homes were built with aluminum wiring. Years of research have shown that you are fifty times more likely to experience a house fire with that wire. It is shown with the research that copper wiring is safer and is more heat resistant. The wiring needs to be replaced by a professional.

To wrap this up, if you are experiencing any of these you should schedule a professional to do a home safety inspection. Having a regular safety inspection in your home helps identify any issues before they escalate into serious safety risks.

Have you noticed signs of electrical problems in your home? Call today to schedule your appointment with Rinder Electric, LLC at (317)-701-1713.

electricians charlotte 300x244
electricians charlotte 300x244 1
electricians charlotte 300x244 1
electricians charlotte 300x244 1