Comprehensive Electrical Panel Services

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Meter and Service Panel Upgrade

Make blown fuses and tripped breakers a thing of the past by upgrading your electrical system. This will allow your property to run electricity faster and more efficiently. It will also help reduce technical hiccups and maintenance costs.

We work on residential and commercial properties.


Determine the Ideal Electrical Service System Size for Your Property

Your electrical service system size is calculated based on power consumption. It varies depending on your current property and any plans to expand in the future.

Outdated service panels used to run off at 60 amps. The new minimum requirement is 100 amps. Larger houses run off at 200 or 400 amps, depending on the property size and your choice of future add-ons.

Our team will ensure your panel is sized correctly for your needs.


What You Should Do if Your Breaker Panel Is Hot

Contact one of our commercial electricians immediately. The heat indicates that your breaker panel is overloaded and could start a fire. Electrical panels that are outdated, corroded, or improperly installed are the number one cause of electrical fires in the US.

Don’t wait until you experience an electrical fire. Get in touch with us as soon as possible. Additionally, please ensure your electrical service is up to code and safe for your family.

We only charge $75 for an inspection. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical service is installed correctly and is functional.


Tripping Breakers

Electrical panels must be strong enough to control the entire system. If it is outdated, you might experience tripping breakers, warm outlets, flickering lights, and other issues. You can reach out to us to upgrade your electrical panel.

We’ll install your new panel carefully to ensure safety. Just schedule an appointment with us to get started.


Going Above and Beyond

We don’t stop at panel upgrades. From meter upgrades to storm damage repairs, we’re ready to assist you with your needs.

Our team knows how tough it can be without power. As such, we take calls 24/7 to respond to emergencies. We’ll do our best to restore power to your property as soon as possible.

Our company stands by all meter/panel upgrades for three full years. However, the systems we install are designed to last for decades.


Meter Tagging

We can inspect and tag your meter/system for your electrical service provider to turn the power back on (if the house is vacant or for other reasons).


Sub Panels

If you need more space for your electrical panel but don’t want to upgrade, we can add a subpanel for you. This is also ideal if you want to add another service panel for a garage add-on or pool barn.

A sub panel taps into your existing service and creates more room for additional circuits without having to upgrade.


Electrical Service Inspections

Is your electric bill getting more expensive? Do you feel that you are paying too much for electricity? If this is the case, your electrical panel or service could be burning amps and increasing your energy costs.

Please contact us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll determine if your electrical service is causing the increase in your electricity bill.


We Can Certify in Most Counties. All Will Be Hassle Free