Why you should not DIY your electrical needs!!

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Electrical Current Is No Laughing Matter

The current that runs through the electrical wiring in your house must be taken quite seriously. Your circuits are probably designed to carry between 15 and 20 amps. Being exposed to a tenth of an amp for a period of two seconds is sufficient to cause cardiac arrest and death.

You Could Burn Down Your House

You may feel that this point is an alarmist exaggeration. After all, you know how to shut off the electricity in your residence, and you assume that no danger can occur when the power is turned off. That reasoning is valid, of course, as far as it goes. You probably won’t be in any danger until you turn the power back on. There are a lot of things that the typical DIY article might neglect to tell you about ensuring that your wires don’t overheat. People who aren’t accustomed to electrical work often cross wires or leave one exposed. If you miss even one of these points, the result could be a fire. Worse yet, it might not even occur immediately and may take days to take place.

Call an Electrician Instead

Do you still think DIY is worth the risk? Unless you’re a professional electrician and you know precisely what you’re doing, it really isn’t. Here at Rinder Electric LLC  We handle the full range of electrical inspection, installation, maintenance, and repair, including panels, wiring, lighting, and generators. Contact us today to discuss your situation or arrange an appointment.